Help Us to Help You

Get publishers involved

Here at we are on a mission to uncover the truth – The truth about where 90% of install traffic is coming from. Paying for installs is a great way to drive traffic, but very expensive. There is very little focus on driving organic traffic – mainly because it is impossible to find out where it is coming from! This is where we come in – and this is where we need your help!

For App Developers

  1 - Encourage your favorite review sites, third party app stores, or any site you can possibly think of implement our App Tracker technology

  2 - This is what we suggest you tell them – but feel free to put it in your own words, or embellish our suggestion as you see fit:

  “ Dear XYZ,

 I am an app developer and publisher, and very much appreciate what your site is doing to drive app installs. However, since these installs are not tracked, it does not provide any visibility for you in the app developer community, nor this it help us as app developers, because we can’t see that you are driving traffic in our analytics.

We have come across a way for you to provide this visibility though. Simply integrate the App Tracking from and you can start gaining visibility for all the installs you drive, and I as an app owner can hopefully see how valuable it would be to focus my marketing efforts on sites like yours.

I really hope you can take a look and implement this. It should not take you long to implement, and the value for me as an app owner, and for you as a publisher driving app installs, should be huge!”

For App Stores / App Review Sites / Web publishers

 1 - Start by subscribing to the mailing list to keep track of specification updates.

 2 - Read the OIT specification and support on your web site by implementing our tracker

 3 - Start seeing your visibility as a source of app installs on our site!

 4 - Spread the word. The more sites who implement this, the better the data, and the more useful traffic for organic app installs will be